The Pemaquid Point Cam

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This is the view from one of our upstairs windows here at the Seagull and we're sharing it with you all year round. The camera is normally pointed a little west of due south and overlooks the town of Bristol's Lighthouse Park and the Gulf of Maine beyond. The tower is 38 feet tall, and the focal plane of the light is at 79 feet above sea level. The light is a fully functional Coast Guard operated navigation aid that flashes a single white flash every 6 seconds. The grounds around the light are approximately 35 feet above sea level. The beautiful rock formations seen on many photographs of the light are just out of the view of the camera.

The Seagull Shop operates the camera with technical help from the Pemaquid Point Association. The camera has been in operation since 2007.

Bristol Parks and Recreation, along with help from the Pemaquid Point Association, maintain a weather station at the Point as well. You can get all the weather details, current and historical, at the station's website.

Questions about the operation of the webcam should be directed to Mark. Also, feel free to notify him of any problems.